"North Muskoka and the Almaguin Highlands”

DISCOVER (RE-DISCOVER) the Northern Region of Cottage Country

Muskoka is experiencing a phenomenal rebound following a brief slowdown in recent years caused by a short term redirection of Canadian recreational real estate dollars to southern winter destinations. At the same time….. as might be expected, fewer US buyers were making recreational investments on this side of the border.

Unfortunately (for buyers) the bounce back has once again resulted in most traditional (Olde) Muskoka lakefront properties being priced beyond what many can justify.

The good news? There is a viable option; one that will not mean longer drive times than does many other Muskoka cottage destinations; one that offers the beauty of pine and granite lined lakeshores that has attracted so many to Muskoka for the past century or two.
A growing number of families have already discovered this, and are now driving through South Muskoka on Highway 11 to cottages in North Muskoka (Huntsville region) and the Almaguin Highlands.

The recently completed 4-lane section of Highway 11 north of Huntsville and reliable internet and cell phone service to the Almaguin region has removed any concern which once discouraged some prospective cottagers from considering this rediscovered vacation wonderland.

Invest in North Muskoka and Almaguin Highlands now and get ahead of the inevitable price escalation curve; then begin building memories with your family while enjoying the lake and country side and all that this region has to offer.

This guide and directory will serve as an introduction to the rediscovered northern region of “Cottage Country”

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