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Alex Miller

Cell: 705-787-5575

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Alex help me find my own “piece of cottage country”…a lakefront building lot?
  2. Can he advise me on issues related to building on my chosen lakefront site?

The answers to both these questions is yes. The following short intro’ is intended to explain why he feels comfortable in making this claim.

Alex’ has 18 years’ experience as a business owner, designing, selling and managing the construction of custom waterfront vacation homes and cottages (primarily in North Muskoka, Huntsville area and the Almaguin Highlands). 15 years in real estate as a national real estate franchise owner, broker/manager and sales rep., also servicing the North Muskoka and Almaguin Highlands, specializing in lakefront properties.

Currently he provides independent marketing and sales services for clients such as Northwood Beach Estates, which offers the largest selection of vacant lakefront building lots in the area.

This experience has positioned him to provide a service that many new lakefront property buyers/owners may find valuable.

The building services Alex offers to clients following the purchase of a lot with his assistance are;

  • Determine client’s future objectives for the property.
  • Conduct a preliminary building site review with the client.
  • Produce a preliminary site sketch locating structures and services.
  • Alex also offers additional assistance (if required) to the property owner if planning to build in the relatively near future.

Some factors that are often involved in providing these services are;

  • Topography issues….soil condition, slopes, rock formations, vegetation….
  • Municipal by-laws, such as structure setbacks from water, side and back yards.
  • Home/cottage position relative to views, sun positions, driveway and services.
  • Waterfront structure plans….docks, boat ports/houses.
  • Building permit requirements.

Alex looks forward to helping clients with a dream of owning their very own “piece of cottage country”