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Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership has had amazing growth (and media coverage) in large vacation resort developments. Now this concept is being applied to private detached cottages. The benefits of this choice of private cottage sharing is proving so compelling that many families that could easily afford their own vacation home or cottage are opting for a “fraction” of one instead. Also, as may be expected more people who currently own their cottage outright are considering the sharing of some of their interests in their cottage to lighten the ever increasing costs and management load….and still use it as often as they ever did. The alternate choice of renting out the portion of the year that they were unable to use it has proven to be more trouble than it was worth.

An example of such an arrangement would be;
A cottage that may sell for $500,000.00 may be offered with five 10 week shares (fractions) for $110,000.00 each, and less than $2000.00 total annual fees. ($28.00 per day). Typically, each of the five owners would be entitled to 2 weeks in each of the spring, summer and fall seasons and 4 weeks during the winter season.

Contact Alex for more information on this exciting new concept. He has personal experience in shared ownership and can offer help that could benefit both buyers and sellers.

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